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Katelin Williams | Occupational Therapist

Katelin Williams chose to pursue a career in occupational therapy as it aligns with her personal values. As an empathetic person, Katelin has always enjoyed helping people and she finds the profession very rewarding.

During her time at Clever Bees Occupational Therapy, Katelin has felt supported by the people working around her to deliver the best outcomes for their clients.

Katelin’s qualifications

Katelin holds a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) from the University of Newcastle and is a registered Occupational Therapist.

She has completed clinical placements in a range of areas including paediatric occupational therapy, community-based occupational therapy, rehabilitation and mental health settings.

About Katelin

Katelin likes to surround herself with uplifting and positive people, as they’re the ones that give her energy.

A lover of travel, she’s happiest when exploring new places both locally and overseas.

One of Katelin’s favourite pastimes is tending to her large collection of succulents and indoor plants while sipping on her favourite beverage – a small caramel latte.

Contact Katelin

To speak with Katelin about how she can assist your child, contact Clever Bees Paediatric Occupational Therapy today.