Kaylah Raftopoulos | Customer Experience Officer

Kaylah Raftopoulos is the Client Experience Office at Clever Bees Paediatric Occupational Therapy and she loves interacting with people to learn more about them.

She has been inspired to study and become an OT herself after witnessing the incredible support system at Clever Bees and seeing the work her brother’s OT does with him.

About Kaylah

Kaylah is working towards her Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, and has completed the Cert 3 Early Childhood Education and Care.

She believes you can be whoever or whatever you want to be if you put your mind to it. Kaylah credits the support of her family and partner who constantly push her to work to the best of her ability.

Contact Kaylah

Contact Kaylah and the team at Clever Bees Paediatric Occupational Therapy to discuss your child’s needs and goals.