William Capps | Occupational Therapy Assistant

For William Capps, witnessing the ‘light-bulb’ moment when a process or action clicks for a child is his favourite part of his role at Clever Bees Paediatric Occupational Therapy.

He enjoys the opportunity to use activities and toys in fun and engaging ways as a form of therapy to help children with their learning and development, and the sense of achievement they gain being able to do something new.

William’s qualifications

William combines his role as an OT Assistant with his studies at the University of Newcastle to attain a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours).

He’s previously worked with children in different stages of their development as an outdoor recreation instructor enabling them to overcome fears and challenges. William has also worked as a studio photographer giving kids the chance to unleash their inner ‘rockstar’ in front of a camera.

He enjoys the opportunity that working in paediatric occupational therapy gives him to use his creativity to help young people become independent and confident.

About William

In a previous life William was a horticulturalist which sparked his love of plants to the extent of addiction! Slowly his home has come to resemble something of an Amazon rainforest, so much so that it’s likely he’ll need a truck to move his plant collection when he moves.

William says his mind and body believe strong coffee each morning is the only way to stave off a migraine.

Contact William

Contact William and the team at Clever Bees Paediatric Occupational Therapy to discuss your child’s needs and goals.