Paediatric behavioural support

Clever Bees occupational therapists are experienced in developing paediatric behavioural support plans to assist children who are displaying challenging actions. We work together with children and their families to complete a functional behavioural assessment that takes a holistic approach to understand the cause and effect of such behaviours.

The knowledge gained from the assessment is used to set small, functional goals and then develop a Positive Behavioural Support Plan with individualised strategies for achievement. Our approach is evidence-based and unique to everyone and their circumstances.

What is a positive behavioural support plan?

A Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) plan can help with the skill development of child displaying behaviour of concern to help them experience success and personal satisfaction.

A PBS plan can also assist them to develop more appropriate ways to communicate their needs and develop the daily living skills needed to engage in meaningful activities.

Challenging or at-risk behaviour is generally considered to be behaviour that:

The Clever Bees approach to paediatric behavioural support recognises that at-risk or challenging behaviour is often related to environmental factors, such as interpersonal relationships, physical environment, responses from others and the way in which services are delivered.

Our approach focuses on understanding the purpose of the behaviour and increasing positive behaviours through skill development rather than punishing negative behaviours. 

We use proactive rather than reactive or crisis driven strategies. The focus is on skill development and modifying the environment or context to better support the child or young person and reduce the need for them to engage in at risk or challenging behaviour.

Creating a support plan unique to you

If your child is demonstrating challenging or at-risk behaviour, contact Clever Bees Paediatric Occupational Therapy to discuss how a personal paediatric behavioural support plan can help.

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